Zihni Özdil: The Case for “Inclusive Nationalism”

Why is Özdil not a Dutch name? Why are riots in the Schilderswijk an integration problem, but riots in Urk not? How did the Netherlands become more ethnically segregated than America?

These are all questions that the Netherlands and Europe are being confronted with in an age of immigration. For the last 20 years the integration debate has dominated the headlines, yet little progress has been made. Diving into this discussion is Zihni Özdil, historian, columnist and former member of parliament for GroenLinks. He has a very different view to most of his left-leaning compatriots. Özdil believes that Özdil is in fact a very Dutch name and that we should do away with the old multicultural consensus in favour of “inclusive” nationalism.
Together with him, we will explore the struggle for acceptance and belonging among those of migrant origin, the historic roots of the Dutch migration story and how we can achieve a truly inclusive national identity, more integration and an “inclusive nationalism”.
Who? Zihni Özdil
When? 12 April at 16:00
Interviewers: Simba Martens & Leonie Pfaller


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