Zero Economic Growth

How does a Zero Economic Growth scenario look like?

Economic growth is a central concept in the analysis of the prosperity of countries.
But what happens when growth remains at zero?
After the financial crisis of 2008, growth rates stagnated and tended to zero, exposing many developed countries to a situation they have not known in decades. Despite monetary stimulation, it took governments in Europe and North America a long time to recover from the effects of this seminal event.
Why is that? What are the mechanisms that bring this to be? And what is the value of growth?
Join our conversation with Enrico Perotti and Robin Tschötschel as we discuss Zero Growth scenarios, their underlying mechanisms and the value of growth.

Who are the guests?

Enrico Perotti is a professor of International Finance at the University of Amsterdam who has argued that Zero Growth will be the new norm in the future.
Robin Tschötschel is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam. His work focusses amongst others on the value of economic growth for our societies and its implications for climate change.

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