World Bank

What is the quality of doing business worldwide? We found out at the presentation of the Doing Business Report 2014 with World Bank director Augusto López-Claros!

Since 2004, the World Bank has published the annual Doing Business Report. This influential report documents the ease with which business can be done in 183 different countries. How hard is it to receive permits? How strictly are contracts enforced? And how complex is the tax system? Entrepreneurs worldwide turn to the World Bank’s Doing Business Report to gain insight into exactly these issues.

With Mr. Lopez-Claros we discussed the content of the report, the quality of business in the Netherlands and the role of the World Bank in a rapidly changing world. Is globalization still relevant in this day and age? How does the Doing Business Report incentivize governments to change their policies?

Augusto Lopez-Claros is the Director of Global Indicators and Analysis for the World Bank. Prior to this he was the Chief Economist at the World Economic Forum, Executive Director at Lehman Brothers and professor of economics at the University of Chile in Santiago.

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