Understanding Brexit: The British Perspective

Three years ago the united kingdom – in an extremely close referendum – voted to leave the European Union. Since then the country has gone through what experts have called the gravest political crisis in contemporary British history. With parties split on the issue, challenges to the current government and constant impasses over – until recently – generally unheard issues. The question many are asking is: what is going on?

On our first of our two sessions on Brexit, we will focus on the United Kingdom’s perspective.  In this one hour interview with two experts on the matter, we plan to bring you up to date with the most recent Brexit news (whatever that is at the moment), while discussing the current Conservative split and assess the role and responsibility of Labour. Finally, our experts will provide the audience with their predictions of how matters will evolve.

You as part of the audience will have ample time to ask your own questions and concerns!

Make sure to be there!

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