Thomas Piketty: Capital & Ideology

We are pleased to announce that Professor Thomas Piketty has accepted our invitation for an interview at Room for Discussion.

Few academic books ever become bestsellers, and even fewer dramatically change global political discussions. Prof. Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century (2013) did both. The book traced the history of income and wealth inequality in the developed world, arguing that inequality is an important feature – and not an accident- of capitalism. Most importantly, his work brought economic inequality back to the center of political discussion.

Now, Prof. Piketty will join us to discuss his newest book: Capital and Ideology (2019). In this new work, he argues from a historical and global perspective that inequality is not economic or technological, it is ideological and political. As such, it is fundamentally founded in the battle of ideas. In the coming interview, we will discuss these views and more.

Please join us on February 28th at 13:00 for this special interview! We hope to see you there. Please note that this event is for free and only for students or staff. We, therefore, ask you kindly to bring your student or staff identification document.








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