Harold Goddijn: CEO of TomTom

It is our honor to announce that on June 6th from 13:00 to 14:00, Room for Discussion will be hosting an interview with Harold Goddijn, the CEO of TomTom!

The world is seeing dramatic changes in the growth of tech giants: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple. These companies are fueled by a hunt for consumer data. With controversies surrounding privacy and data protection, we’ve seen companies use this information to keep us coming back for more. Most notably, consumer data is used to “fuel” the automotive industries’ largest game-changer, Autonomous Driving.

TomTom is unique for a number reasons. Not only one of the Netherland’s largest companies in existence, but a company that is now forced to compete with Google, and has had to drastically change in a market that is becoming overly saturated.

With Goddijn, we will touch upon: the personal experiences that contributed to one of the most unique and large dutch companies, TomTom’s transformation and survival, and Europe’s decreasing role in innovation and business.

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