The Future of Education

We are honoured to announce that we will be hosting Ingrid van Engelshoven, the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, on the 8 of May.

Our economy seems to become increasingly dependent on creativity. During the industrial era, human resources were generally used to perform repetitive tasks, however the introduction of computers and robots have put stress on these kinds of jobs. Many argue that our current educational system was made to support an industrialising economy and academic institutions, not a service and creativity-based economy.

Should the current educational system be updated to support our creative and fast-paced economy, by putting more emphasis on arts and creativity in schools? These insights open a conversation about educations obsession with science and its rejection of the arts and to what extend our education system is aligned with the economy of the future.

Psychologists have tried to define human motivation for decades and they often distinguish different sources of motivation that influence human behaviour. The current educational system is highly contingent on external motivation, which in some cases might be devastating to creativity, motivation to learn and curiosity. There are calls to orientate this rigid system more towards children’s internal motivation to learn.

Please come and join us in the 8th of May, for a fruitful interview with the Minister of Education, Culture and Science. See you there!

Interviewers: Olaf Vrijmoet & Leonie Ernst

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