The Dutch as Ambivalent Europeans? A Conversation with Tom de Bruijn

Room for Discussion is excited to announce our interview with political jack-of-all-trades, Dutch top diplomat Tom de Bruijn.
Having worked as a diplomat, ambassador, government official, minister, and mayor for decades – his extensive experience in navigating politics at a variety of levels from guiding the formation of EU treaties to negotiating the formation of municipal councils informs his broad view on the inner workings of government and diplomacy. Throughout, he has gained a unique view on the role of the Netherlands within the European Union and the broader Euro-Atlantic community, with his career taking him from the Hague to Brussels and Geneva.
Looking back, what does he expect the future of the European Union to look like? How does the Netherlands fit into this with the recent victory of eurosceptic Geert Wilders? How much has changed for the Dutch appetite for increased EU accession since de Bruijn was involved in drafting the 2014 association agreement with Ukraine?
If you’re interested to discover the answer to these questions and more, join us at 13-14h, on Thursday, December 7th, for our interview with Tom de Bruijn!

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