The Cost of Steel: Health, Environment, & Responsibility – Hans van den Berg, CEO of Tata Steel NL

On April 24th, 13-14h, Room for Discussion is welcoming Hans van den Berg, the CEO of Tata Steel NL, to our stage.

Currently, Tata Steel NL is the biggest emitter of CO2 and nitrogen in the Netherlands, and links have been made between their factory’s emissions and higher-than-average cancer rates in communities that live close to their factories. As a response, the company is planning to detox their emissions and pivot to Green Steel production, which they will power with green hydrogen. Still, the future of the company in the Netherlands remains far from certain, and they are facing backlash from many directions in Dutch society.

If you are interested in Tata Steel, the green transition, corporate social responsibility, and want the chance to ask mr. Van den Berg a question yourself, please come by the E-hall on April 24th, 13-14h!

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