Sustainable Finance

On Thursday the 23rd of February, Room for Discussion will discuss the topic of sustainable finance, this time with two very special guests: Herman Wijffels and David Pitt-Watson.

Herman Wijffels is a prominent Dutch economist. He served as chairman of the Dutch Social-Economic Council and as the Dutch representative of the World Bank in Washington. He’s one of the founders and former chairman of the Sustainable Finance Lab.

David Pitt-Watson is a Scottish business and social entrepreneur and author. Pitt-Watson is recognised globally as a leading thinker and practitioner in the field of responsible investment and business practice. He studied PPE at Oxford University, served as the Secretary General of the Labour Party, became co-chair of the UNEP Finance Program, Treasurer of Oxfam, advisor to President Tony Blair and is currently also a fellow at the London Business School. He will come all the way from London to attend this interview at Room for Discussion!

Since the global financial crisis, it seems as though the financial sector has become even larger and more complex, and has moved further away from its original purpose: serving the real economy. What has caused the increasing disconnect between the financial sector and the real economy that we see today? What should the purpose of the financial system actually be, and how will this develop over the coming years? Will it take on a more ethical and societal role? Make sure to attend this interview and you’ll get a strong grasp of the problems of and solutions to the financial system of today.

Who? Herman Wijffels & David Pitt-Watson
When? Thursday 23rd of February 2017
Where? E-hal – Roetersstraat 11, Amsterdam
Interviewers: Valentina Gianera & Paolo Destilo
Language: English

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