Sustainable Economies: Fiction or Future? – A Conversation with ABN AMRO Chief Economist Sandra Phlippen

Room for Discussion will interview Sandra Phlippen, Chief Economist at ABN Amro, at 13:00 on the 29th of November 2022.

She’s one of the Netherlands’ most influential economists, and has recently been appointed as Professor of Sustainable Banking at the University of Groningen 💸.

Now at the wheel of the ship that needs to sail ABN towards sustainability, we will discuss with her the storms she needs to weather📉. Join us to hear her take a deep-dive into the current economic climate, the ABN’s role in taking responsibility, and her unconventional take on career choices.

Are green economies a feasible future or merely the idealist’s dream?💰How green is the ABN Amro apart from its logo?🌳 How is banking being revolutionized by figures like Phlippen?🏦

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