Startups in the Netherlands

Room for Discussion is honored to announce a special interview:
“The hype and importance of startups in The Netherlands” with Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau and Alexander Ribbink.

Why does everyone talk about startups nowadays? What is a startup and what not? How do startups make money? Why is it interesting to invest in them? Why does the Dutch government invest so much money to attract new startups to this country? And what is the future of the startup market in The Netherlands and the rest of the world?

Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau currently works at StartUpDelta, a new initiative from the Dutch government to setup and create new startups in The Netherlands. Before he has worked as a digital market advisor for the European Comission. Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau is the brother of King Willem Alexander and member of the Dutch Royal Family.

Alexander Ribbink works at Keen Venture Partners, where he invests in promising startups. He is also the chairman of the Supervisory Board of Stedelijk Museum.
Before Keen Venture Partnets, Ribbink was chief operations officier of navigation company TomTom.

Guests: Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau & Alexander Ribbink
Interviewers: Emily ter Steeg & Pim ten Thije
Language spoken: English

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