Robbert Dijkgraaf – Discovering the Future

Robbert Dijkgraaf is probably the most famous Dutch scientist. This mathematical physicist has made it his mission to explain the current scientific breakthroughs to a broader audience. An important mission, but also an interesting one in a time where our appreciation for science seems to be declining. For example, last April scientists protested at the ‘March of Science’ in more than 600 cities worldwide. The direct trigger was the gap between current scientific knowledge and the policy on climate change by the President of the United States.
Has the appreciation for science really diminished? And if so, is there someone to blame for this depreciation? Is science in need of fundamental reform? What should its future look like?
Robbert Dijkgraaf is University professor at the UvA. Moreover, he is the director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. This independent institute was founded in the 1930s to promote the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake. Besides leading one of the most renowned research institutes in the world, professor Dijkgraaf is committed to popularizing science through many channels such as his lectures on DWDD (Dutch talkshow) and his own new TV series “The Mind of the Universe”.
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