Rethinking Economics: the future of our economic schooling?

If the financial crisis of 2008 has shown us anything, it is that the financial sector also influences our day-to-day lives. Yet most mainstream economists and economic theories failed to predict this global crisis. This raises the question: do we need a new kind of economic thinking? For critics who say we do, there is a window of opportunity at the UvA, due to the fact that the Economics and Business curriculum will be split up.

Tijmen de Vos, on behalf of Rethinking Economics, thinks we should diversify our economic curriculum; offer pluralist methodologies and theories and offer political-historical context to the economic matter.
Dr. Dirk Dasma teaches Philosophy of Science and Economic Methodology at the UvA and has in 2015 successfully defended his PhD dissertation on how Hegelian systematic dialectical insights could improve economic model building.
Dr. ir. Florian Wagener is Associate Professor at the Section Mathematical Economics & Mathematics and Research Fellow of the Tinbergen Institute.Wagener is currently responsible for the coordination of the new Economics & Business curriculum.

With these guests Room for Discussion is opening up the debate on current mainstream economic theories such as the neo-classical model. Is our current economic curriculum diverse enough? Can it learn from other social sciences? Or should economics be focussed on mathematical models? Feel free to bring your ideas, questions and comments to the interview; there will be room for discussion with the audience as well!

What: Future of Economic Schooling
Who: Tijmen de Vos, Dirk Damsma, Florian Wagener
When: May 19th, 13-14u
Where: E-Hal, Roeterseiland

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