Paul Tang: Tax me if you can

Taxes Taxes Taxes, the rest is bullshit. On the 20th of  May Room for Discussion will interview Paul Tang on Taxes and Big Tech.
The OECD and the EU are cracking down on tax evasion. As the chair of the tax committee in the European Parliament, Paul Tang is on the forefront of EU tax reform. Will new regulation move the needle? Will big multinational actually start paying their fair share?
Paul Tang is also concerned with the growing power of big Tech companies and a fierce proponent of new regulations. How will the EU reign in the power of Big tech? What will that mean for us?
Are you concerned about the power of big corporations and interested in the future of Big Tech and taxes? Come see our interview with Paul Tang!

When: 20th of May, 2022
Where: E-hall UvA
Who: Paul Tang
Interviewers: Casper de Haes and Patrik Blaszczok

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