Paul Collier – Reciprocity versus Self Interest

Room for Discussion is elated to welcome Sir Paul Collier – development economist turned knight turned political advisor and commentator. This renowned political economist currently serves as an Economics professor at Oxford and is the director of the International Growth Centre in London. He’s written nine bestselling and award-winning books, with topics ranging from greed to refugees to the environment.

In short, Sir Paul Collier knows a lot about a lot, and we look forward to discussing societal tensions and reciprocity with him.

What role does reciprocity play in our societies, and how important is it really? Should identical people with canal apartments pay more taxes than people with suburbian villas? Is giving aid an act of charity or repayment of a debt? This and more will be discussed in our interview.

Come and watch the 24th of May 13:00-14:00 in the E-hall at Roeterseiland!

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