Money Talks, Paul De Grauwe Translates: A Conversation on Market Missteps in Europe

Is our market system about to collapse in the near future? What will be the reason for it? How can we effectively counter inequality and climate change? And can we predict the next financial crisis?

To get answers to those and many other questions, join us for the interview in the E-Hall on April 18th, 14:00-15:00!

Room for Discussion is excited to welcome Paul de Grauwe, a London School of Economics professor, former member of the Belgian parliament, and expert in international monetary relations, behaviour macroeconomics, and open-economy macroeconomics. Our guest has spent his life advising such institutions as the IMF, ECB, and the Bank of Japan, among many others. As the author of pivotal works on the market system he visits our stage for a conversation about its missteps and potential solutions we can adopt.

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