Lustrum: Turbulence Ahead? The Future of Flying with Marjan Rintel, the CEO of KLM

Is the future of KLM only clear blue skies, or is there turbulence ahead? On the 14th of March Marjan Rintel, the CEO of KLM, will be joining Room for Discussion to give her perspective on the airline’s business practices, sustainability goals and many other topics! 

The world’s oldest airline is in a precarious position: it does not seem to agree with its biggest shareholder, the Dutch State, on their future. How does the airline plan to resolve these differences, and join the rest of the Netherlands in reaching carbon-zero in 2050? Train tickets, emission offsetting, airport shrinkings, tax benefits, or all of the above? To have the answer, join us for Room for Discussions’s first 15-year Lustrum interview in the E-Hall from 14:00 – 15:00 on Thursday, March 14!

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