Lustrum: Super League or Superfluous? Football Controversies with Bernd Reichart, CEO of A22 Sports, The Super League.

⚽ The football community was shocked in an unprecedented way when The Super League was announced – a project aimed at completely revolutionising European international club football. Despite the initial backlash, after more than two years proposed competition is still alive, supported by favourable rulings from the European Court of Justice.

What went on behind closed doors during the creation of The Super League? Will the it replace the Champions League? Is the competition a death sentence to medium and small clubs? Will it really be completely free?

To answer all of those questions Room for Discussion is hosting Bernd Reichart, the CEO of A22 Sports, the body organising the competition. Come to the E-Hall on June 11th 13-14, and prepare to be captivated by an interview on the biggest recent controversy in the world’s most followed sport. No registration required.

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