(Cancelled) Lustrum: Order in the Court with Piotr Hofmański, Former President of the ICC

Due to the current situation at the UvA, the Room for Discussion x AIM Lustrum interview with President Hofmański scheduled for May 17th has been cancelled. Apologies for the inconvenience, and stay tuned for updates!

The Room for Discussion Team & AIM PPLE

What is the biggest challenge facing the International Criminal Court today? How much should we trust the ICC? What obstacles does it face, and what role do we see it playing in the 21st century? How does the president balance the roles of the diplomat and judge?

To get answers to these questions, join us on Roeterseiland UvA on the 17th of May, 17:00 – 18:30.

Room for Discussion and AIM PPLE is honoured to welcome Mr. Piotr Hofmański, former President of the ICC. Prior to his nine-year term, Mr. Hofmañski served as a judge and legal scholar in Poland with more than 300 publications to his name. We will be holding an hour-long conversation with him about the challenges facing the international legal system. After that, you will have opportunity to ask your own questions to Mr. Hofmański. So prepare yourself and be there with us for this thrilling opportunity!

Please note that tickets are already available for PPLE students through AIM PPLE. Ticket sales for the public will be available here from the 10th of May!

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