Limitarianism: An interview with Philosopher Ingrid Robeyns

No one becomes a multi-millionaire on their own merit. This is one of the arguments that Dutch political philosopher Ingrid Robeyns sets forth in her book ‘Limitarianism: The Case Against Extreme Wealth’. To advocate for a cap on extreme wealth and a global limitarian mindset, Robeyns highlights the repercussions that inequality has for climate change, democracy, and societal welfare. Philanthropy is not the answer, and rising inequality is hurting the rich too. 


We will be interviewing Professor Ingrid Robeyns on March 18th, 13-14 o’clock at the E-Hall of the Roeterseiland Campus. Join us for a conversation about the (un)fairness of the wealth cap, the feasibility of the approach, and the challenges standing in the way of reducing inequality.

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