Klaas Knot – President of the Dutch Central Bank

   Since the bankruptcy of Lehman brothers ten years ago, we have experienced a financial meltdown, the start of Room for Discussion, a sovereign debt crisis and the introduction of unorthodox monetary policy. To fight against the consequences of the crisis, the European Central Bank followed the major central banks of the world and implemented quantitative easing (QE). Now that the economy is blooming, banks are better capitalized and the exit of QE is in sight. How does Governor Knot look back ten years after the crisis? And are we in safe waters, capable of preventing a future crises?

  Moreover, as the situation—at least on paper—normalises, policymakers in Europe lead by the French government and the new German coalition, are looking into furthering European integration. As the official monetary regulator and price stabiliser of the EU, the ECB must play an important role. How will the ECB manoeuvre these rough political waters? Can the success of greater monetary union–through the banking union–be followed by success on the fiscal side?

   On April 5th, please join us at Room for Discussion to discuss these and many other topics with the president of the Dutch Central bank and one of the members of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank, Klaas Knot.

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