Kip Andersen (Cowspiracy)

On the 17th of May, Kip Andersen, the director of the documentary Cowspiracy will be our guest at Room for Discussion.

Cowspiracy has been seen by many people around the globe. It addresses the enormous impact of the animal agriculture on our environment, and why so many environmental organizations seem to ignore this. The movie calls for urgent action and proposes a vegan diet as a solution for our environmental and even poverty issues.

Kip Andersen, director of Cowspiracy, describes himself as having “a cliché American childhood” growing up in California. Thanks to Al Gore, he became concerned by environmental problems and changed his lifestyle accordingly. When he thought he did everything he could do, heencountered a report stating that consuming meat and dairy is far more environmentally damaging than was known and talked about by environmental organisations. Shocked by this discovery he decided to make a documentary.

Through the eyes of Kip Andersen, we will explore both the flaws of the livestock industry and the solutions for it. We will talk about Cowspiracy and Kip’s upcoming movie. While doing so we provide deeper insights into both movies and explore the solutions for the future. There will be plenty of space for questions from the audience, but we have limited seating capacity! Be early if you would like to sit instead of stand.

What: Explore the flaws and solutions of the livestock industry
Who: Kip Andersen, director of the successful documentary ‘Cowspiracy
When: May 17th, 13.00 -14.00
Where: E-Hal, Roeterseiland

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