Human Rights on Trial – A Conversation with Geoffrey Robertson KC

Julian Assange. Salman Rushdie. Mike Tyson. Lula da Silva. The Wall Street Journal. The New York Times.

What do all these have in common? They were defended by Geoffrey Robertson KC.

He helped prosecute warlords and dictators like General Pinochet, was the President of the War Crimes Court in Sierra Leone, and fought for human rights everywhere from Armenia to Yugoslavia, Colombia to Czechoslovakia, South Africa to South London.

He founded one of the world’s leading human rights law chambers working with the likes of Kier Starmer and Amal Clooney.

Geoffrey Robertson KC will join Room for Discussion on April 18th at 13:00 in the E-hall, Roeterseisland Campus of UvA to talk about prosecuting Putin, fortifying free-speech, and the promise of international law and justice.

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