German Elections: the impact on the nation, the union and the world

On the 24th of September the German population will vote for their new Bundestag. Therefore Room for Discussion hosts a session on the 22nd of September on the upcoming German elections. Can Martin Schulz be a real threat to Angela Merkel? And besides the SDP and CDU, which other parties have the ability and electorate to govern? What would the consequences of a coalition with the FDP mean for climate change? Or how would a coalition with the Greens influence the German car industry, one of the most productive sectors of the country?

Futhermore, the German elections are not only nationally interesting; as the biggest economy of the European Union and one of the strongest economies of the globe the whole world is watching this election. Will another win mean a next step of  Merkel’s European reign? And how did Germany develop itself over the past decade – from a divided country to one of the most stable economies in the world?

We will discuss these questions and more in our session on the 22nd of September at Room for Discussion in the E-hal of the Roeterseiland. Hope to see you all there!

What: German elections
Where: E-hal, roeterseiland 11
When: September 22nd, 13:00-14:00
Guests: Michèle de Waard (Economic journalist and author of Angela Merkel: Een politieke biografie) & Ursula Münch (Professor Political Science in Munich)
Interviewers: Valentina Gianera & Lennart Roos

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