The Future of the European Union – Jan Zielonka

The European Union. When the fundaments of the Union were set up in 1951 with the establishement of the European Coal and Steel Community, no one would have expected the hassle that decades of attempt to integration would bring about. Several EU crises have emerged over the past sixty year; with the empty chair crisis in 1965, to the ‘NO’ of France and the Netherlands in 2005 towards the financial crisis in 2008, with which the EU today is still coping.

As response to this, Jan Zielonka wrote in 2014 his infamous essay “Is the EU doomed?”. In this essay he critices EU’s  ‘one-size-fits-all’ method and accuses the EU of having a crisis of cohesion, imaginiation and trust. Europe works but the European Union does not. Room for Discussion is very pleased to welcome Jan Zielonka at the University of Amsterdam to talk about the future of the European Union, the new paradigm of Europe and why an pan-European government would never work.

Who: Jan Zielonka (Is the EU Doomed?)
When: Thursday Decemer 1st, 12:00 – 13:00
Where: Room for Discussion (Roetersstraat 11)
Interviewers: Valentina Gianere & Lauren Heeremans

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