Frans Muller CEO of Ahold Delhaize – Who’s Taking Your Lunch Money?

Room for Discussion is proud to announce that we will have Frans Muller, the CEO of Ahold Delhaize, on our stage the 15th of November at 13-14h. Albert Heijn, Etos, all of these brands are part of Ahold Delhaize’s local brands, and this company also has six international brands on the U.S. East Coast that account for the bulk of their sales. This is your chance to get to know the man who manages this international brand on a daily basis.

Food retail is a unique industry, characterised by low margins, consumer sensitivity and potential for huge environmental impact. Right now, Mr. Muller finds himself in the nexus of an ongoing cost-of-living crisis, climate crisis and general shift to e-commerce. Turns out, food is a tricky business! Let’s dive into it all with him, together, the 15th of November, at 13-14h. See you there!

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