Collaboration with Spui25: David Wallace Wells

We are very excited to announce our first collaboration with one of the most notable, and important academic centers at the University, SPUI25.

We will be hosting the journalist David Wallace-Wells, on an interview about his new book,

“The Uninhabitable Earth.”

David Wallace-Wells does not call himself a climate activist, nor even a lover of nature. He lived his life in the complacency that most inhabitants of the Western world share. Until he started collecting stories of climate change: ‘a group of Arctic scientists trapped when melting ice isolated them on an island populated also by a group of polar bears; a Russian boy killed by anthrax released from a thawing reindeer carcass, trapped in permafrost for many decades.’ If they sound like hyperbolic visions of a biblical apocalypse, Wallace-Wells argues in his much-acclaimed The Uninhabitable Earth, that’s because we are generating one, at full speed.

In the interview, Wallace Wells will discuss reactions to his statements as ‘hyperbolic’ and exaggerated’. Is his prose, described as ‘the language of theology and mythology’, an activator of complacent audiences and stir them to action? Or will it cause a further numbness to apocalyptic visions in media eager for sensationalism, clicks, and traffic? Are things, as his instantly notorious opening line has it, much worse than we think?

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