Carlos Moedas & Sander Dekker

EU-Commissioner Carlos Moedas (Science, Research & Innovation) and Sander Dekker (State Secretary of the ministry of Education, Culture and Science) will be our guests at Room for Discussion the 30th of April. The portfolio of Carlos Moedas includes Research, Science and Innovation.

We will talk about the purpose of his visit, namely looking at what role science plays in innovation to create economic prosperity. What does our government do with EU-funding to make research and innovation possible? What are the current developments of Horizon 2020? In what way can European member states enforce each other’s scientific environments to facilitate economic growth?

The Netherlands will lead the European council the first half of 2016, what will be the main points of attention brought forward? What will the European higher education look like in the future?

If you want to ask a question yourself, come and visit us the 30th of April from 13.30h-14.30h at the “E-hal” located at Roeterstraat 11. Hope to see you there!

Interviewers: Jochem Jordaan & Ruben Hekster

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