Brexit: A Historic Decision For The UK & Europe

On the 23rd of June the United Kingdom will hold a referendum, in which they will decide upon their future in the European Union. This referendum that was promised by David Cameron in 2015, has split his own conservative party in two, with the likes of Boris Johnson and Michael Gove opting to leave the EU.
Not only is the decision awaited patiently within the UK also the EU keeps a very keen eye on the outcome, due to the fear of a possible domino effect.

What are the arguments of both the remain and leave camp? How will the UK’s economy fare, when its out the EU’s single market? Will a Brexit mean the end of David Cameron as Prime Minister and the beginning of Boris Johnson? And are other countries expected to follow in case of a Brexit?

Together with Paul Scheffer (professor European Studies at the University of Tilburg and prominent member of Dutch Labour Party) and Mathijs Schiffers (London Correspondent for the Dutch Financial Times) we will discuss the arguments made by both the leave and remain camp. And among much more, we will discuss the consequences for both the UK and the EU. Join the discussion and prepare questions for next tuesday in the E-Hal!

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