Breaking News, Breaking Boundaries: A Debate on the Customs of Journalism and Academia

Can journalism and academia keep up with our complex and face-paced world? How can we find reliable information without biases? How can complicated information be explained responsibly and convincingly? And finally, how to interest your readers in the era of social media and shorter attention spans?

Room for Discussion jointly with Rostra Economica will try to answer those questions during the panel discussion!

With our guests Penny Sheets Thiebaut (Professor at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences), Kees Hasnoot (Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business) and Lizan Nijkrake (Journalist) we will shed a light on the challenges and future of journalism and scholarship and your possible place in it.

Join us at the E-Hall on January 24th, 18:00, for an exciting and though-provoking deep dive into media and academia!

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