Blue + Yellow = Green? – Investigating the Sustainability of Vattenfall with their CCO, Cindy Kroon

Vattenfall, a Swedish state-owned energy company, provides heating for more than 50 000 Amsterdammers. On 29 February, Room for Discussion will host an interview with Vattenfall’s CCO Cindy Kroon to understand who is the company behind your energy bills. They are a leading energy company in shifting towards renewable energy sources and are promising to phase out coal and fossil fuels by 2030. We will uncover the nature of their roadmap to net zero and the limitations Vattenfall faces in implementing changes fairly and accessibly. EU regulations and state infrastructure conditions determine much of the applicability of green policies and the use of network – even with the best case scenario, how much can we really do to prevent the already severe effects of climate change? These difficult questions will be brought to the Room for Discussion stage at the *E-hall* on *Thursday, 29 February at 13:00.*

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