AI: Education’s Future Frontier

Room for Discussion will interview Dr. Nick Saville, the Director of Thought Leadership for Cambridge English on 2nd November 2022. Dr. Saville is one of the world’s foremost expert on language-learning, education, and technology. He spearheaded the development of digital technology and computer-based learning with Cambridge English in the 2010s, and is now a prominent advocate of Education’s future frontier: AI.

Interviewers Rifka and Angus will interview Dr. Saville about the future of AI in education. We will explore the subtle ways that AI has already been incepted into our daily learning, and the more obvious technological revolutions Universities have struggled to embrace since the COVID-19 pandemic. We will look ahead into the distant and not-so-distant future to see what our children’s University might look like in 30 years, and what our own university might look like next year.

It is time to discuss humanity and machines in the classroom. To see what the future of universities will be, join us on 2nd November at 2pm at 12:00.

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