Adam Tooze: Under the Shadow of the Great Recession (CANCELLED)

Ten years following of the most devastating financial crisis since the Great Depression, the global economy is still awash uncertainty, with the inevitable question of when the next big financial crash will occur already a focal topic within global markets. But beyond the risks posed to financial activity, the post-2008 world also bodes ill for the maintenance of the old international world order, challenging the power differentials between the West and major emerging economies such as China, as well as shifting the interpretative discourse on how we should govern global markets. As Adam Tooze, historian and professor at Columbia University, has argued in his latest book, Crashed, the complex fissure of globally integrated financial markets, political chaos and geopolitical tensions from which we are reeling prove that the impacts of the 2008 financial shock are still with us. Worse, they may yet cause even greater splinters within the liberal international order. Join us on May 10th on our podium with Professor Adam Tooze to discuss how we are still living in the shadow of the great financial crisis.

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