The most powerful lobbyist in the Netherlands – with Ingrid Thijssen, Chair of the Dutch Employers Lobby

Ingrid Thijssen is the chair of the Dutch Employers lobby, VNO NCW. She has been called the ‘most powerful lobbyist’ in the Netherlands. On behalf of the Dutch Businesses, she has been warning about the business climate of Holland. According to her, this is deteriorating to a point at which many companies are contemplating leaving the Netherlands.

Ms. Thijssens career started in NS public transport, where she climbed the corporate ladder to CEO. After 21 years, she moved on to and became CEO of Alliander. She was the Top businesswoman of the year in 2016.

She will be joining us at the Room for Discussion couches on the 8th of March from 14:00-15:00 in the E-hall.

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