Pim van Stekelenburg

Sefa Supervisor

“When I started my studies in Business Administration in 2019 I was curious to see what Amsterdam had to offer. I applied to every possible event I could to broaden my horizons outside of my studies. That’s where I stumbled upon Sefa. When I joined Sefa’s introduction camp I immediately got to know the welcoming members and community of Sefa. Throughout my first year, I had the most amazing experiences and created memories and friends for life. Taking part in the social committee I got to know the responsibility of organising events for our members which kickstarted my journey with Sefa.

Being thoroughly impressed by my first year I was happy to be chosen as one of the AGAN mentors. Having the responsibility of selecting the first-year committee has been an incredible experience. Whilst COVID made it difficult for us to organize events and connect with others, we nonetheless succeeded in making it a memorable year for our first-year members.

In 2022 I was lucky to be a part of Sefa’s 100-year lustrum committee. It was a great experience taking part in the organization of such a historic event. As part of the acquisition team, it really taught me to take initiative and step out of my comfort zone reaching out to companies for which I am very grateful.

After four amazing years full of remarkable experiences I felt motivated to make a lasting impact on Sefa and give our students the same experiences that I have gotten to enjoy. I am therefore honored to be entrusted with the role of Sefa Chairman and I am confident that we can make this an unforgettable year. 

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