Pim ten Thije

Interviewer & editor

During his B.Sc in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE) and major in (comparative) Law, Pim ten Thije was interviewer and editor at Room for Discussion. As an interviewer, he focused on the diverse topics of Technology, Economics and Law, politics and society. He also developed (together with Floris Jansen) the roomfordiscussion.com website you’re looking at right now, and professionalized the live stream and online presence of Room for Discussion on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

He interviewed several guests. These interviews are split out by topic below. Names can be clicked to find the specific page and registration of the interview. Pim interviewed:

on Law, Politics and Society:
on Technology:
on Economics:

As an editor he was deeply involved with the organization of interviews with:

As a moderator he facilitated discussions for:

Pim is currently doing a Research Master in Information Law (LL.M.) at the Institute for Information Law at the Unversity of Amsterdam and works as a freelance martketeer. More professional info on his Linkedin profile. If you want to reach Pim about past interviews, future moderation engagements or anything else: please send him an email at rfd(at)pimtt.nl or contact the current committee.

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