Sustainable Finance: the New Standard in Finance?

On April the 12th we will discuss Sustainable Finance together with two experts in this field. Peter Blom is CEO of the Triodos bank since 1997 and member of the Sustainable Finance Lab. Roel Beetsma is the Vice Dean of the faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Amsterdam and Professor in Pension Economics at the Tinbergen Institute.

On November the 27th Klaas Knot, president of ‘De Nederlandsche Bank’, shared his view on the economic future during the Sustainable Finance Seminar organized by the United Nations:

“It has taken us a while. We have been occupied by the global financial crisis and its consequences for financial stability and economic growth. Now that the worst seems to be over, we have to carefully consider the future. It is evident to me that a stable financial industry and sustainable economic growth are only possible if we integrate sustainability into our operations and business models.”

Not only officials and academics seem to praise sustainability within the financial sector high, but also consumer tend to turn more and more to institutions which label themselves as sustainable.

What is this increasing popular trend of sustainable finance about? Do officials and consumers have the same definition and expectations of sustainable finance? Has this shift in the finance sector something do to with a changing goal of finance? And last but not least do we need to see it as a temporarily trend or is sustainable finance going to be the new standard of finance?

Who? Peter Blom and Roel Beetsma
When? Tuesday 12th of april 2016
Where? Roetersstraat 11, Amsterdam
Interviewers: Igno Notermans & Floris Rijssenbeek
Language: English

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