Big Data

Big Data has been the major trend in business. With all the information firms have been gathering about their consumers, they are constructing ingenious marketing campaigns. Process efficiency programs are based on data that companies collect internally. Governments use Big Data to predict where deceases start to spread and where they should direct their efforts.

However, all this information that is gathered about persons also raises questions concerning privacy issues. Do we really want to share all this information with corporations? What do they actually know about us? And how do they use all this data?

These and many more questions will be asked in this special Room for Discussion session about Big Data on the UvA Master day. Willemijn van Dolen is professor of Marketing at the UvA, and focuses on social media. Marc Salomon is professor of Management of Professional Service Firms and Dean of the Amsterdam Business School. Sander Klous is team leader Data & Analytics at KPMG, and consults firms on how to integrate Big Data in their business processes.

Who: Prof. Willemijn van Dolen, Prof. Marc Salomon & Sander Klous (KPMG)

What: Big Data

Where: Roeterstraat 11, Amsterdam

When: Saturday 15 February 2014, 12.00h-13.00h

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