Applications are open until March 17th, 23:59.
Apply to become a committee member at Room for Discussion! We will only be accepting students enrolled at the University of Amsterdam.

The positions we are looking for are:

  • Interviewers
    This is the classical position at Room for Discussion. Your responsibilities will entail inviting guests, preparing interviews and giving feedback to fellow interviewers, being Editor-in-Chief for interviews, and of course interviewing the platform’s guests.

What does Room for Discussion add to your Student life? 

  • As an interviewer at Room for Discussion, you:
    Become part of a close-knit team organising and staging interviews with insightful and high-profile guests from economics, politics and academia. 
  • You acquire skills that no course at university can offer. Like how to 1) persuasively invite a renowned CEO, 2) pose the right questions to the head of the International Monetary Fund, and, 3) make conversation over lunch with a world-famous economist. 

You develop these and many other skills as you go about realising your very own interview-ideas and in tandem with top-journalists, interviewers and experts at one of our many training sessions. 
Last but not least, you become part of a close group of people who share your interests and motivation to get involved in today’s economic, political and societal challenges.

What do we expect from you? 
We expect you to: 

  • Be motivated to contribute to Room for Discussion on and beyond the stage (12-16 hours per week) 
  • Be proficient in the English language
  • Have a good understanding of economics and politics
  • Be able to commit to deadlines
  • Be a good team player

If you are up for the challenge of interviewing Marylin Waring, Frans Timmermans, Daron Acemoglu and others live on stage, then apply at Room for Discussion!

How  to apply? 
Our recruitment is open now! Upload your Curriculum Vitae alongside a short but crisp motivation letter (max 500 words) at

Got any questions? 
Shoot us an email via, or message via Facebook or Instagram!

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